Tim Helton

Tim Helton

Tim Helton is a seasoned real estate broker with an impressive 35-year track record in the North Georgia real estate industry. With a wealth of experience Tim stands as a pillar of knowledge and expertise in the realm of real estate. Tim’s commitment to his community is evident through his ownership of the only locally-based real estate company for over three and a half decades. Tim’s ancestors date back to early 1800’s as one of the first pioneer families to settle the North Georgia mountains. If the property you are looking for is currently not available, Tim Helton will work endlessly until he matches you with the property you desire.

Tim’s expertise extends far beyond just his years in the business. His intimate familiarity with the North Georgia mountains is unparalleled, making him the go-to authority for anyone seeking property in this picturesque region. He enjoys working with customers and believes the real estate process of buying and selling should be an enjoyable one. Tim Helton isn’t just a real estate broker; he’s a trusted guide through the unique mountains, valleys, lakes, creeks and rivers that compose the North Georgia Mountains.

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